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A print made of 100% alluminum metal. Perfect for hanging on your walls or free standing on shelves. Add some art to your life in a unique way! Metal is the new way art is printed and is quickly becoming the standard for art prints and home decor. 


  • Metal is durable and shiny! If you have a SIGNED piece of artwork always AVOID the signature when you clean your print!

    Use a little windex/glass cleaner on a microfiber cloth to clean off your print of minor scratches or finger prints. 

    If you print ever falls and becomes dented you can bend out the dents by placing towels on either side and gently pushing out the bends.

    Hanging can be achieved with double sided tape or for large prints, command strip tape.

    Keep your prints inside their cases during travel and make sure you lay them flat without any other metal touching it to avoid scratches.

    This product is durable and lasts a long time if you take good care of your precious art! :) 


Thanks for supporting a small business!



The man himself

Chad IS Vulgar Dragons Den. He makes all the art in the main sections of this site. He hand sketches every piece. That's right... all this art came from one man! So when you support this web site, you're directly supporting the original artist and his family (Including his puppies and kitties).

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